Artificial Real Touch Flowers – Our Insights On Availability, Quality, Design, Cost & DIY

We appreciate your admiration of the quality and variety of our genuine real (natural, fresh) touch and Floramatique® flowers in a vast range of our original Catalog and custom wedding floral designs. However, we do not sell our top quality artificial flowers by the stem, a dozen or in bulk and cannot provide them for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and to other florists. Nor do we reveal information about sources of our supplies. This is our policy – no exceptions. We are a floral design studio, not a wholesaler, or a reseller.

This strong opening paragraph above has a reason. We were ‘besieged’ for years with phone calls and email inquiries in regards to where to get certain flowers, if we can sell them, etc.. Please keep in mind though that the thoughts and opinions presented on this page are solely ours and they may not reflect the ones of others.

We spent a great deal of time, effort and money on sourcing, research and travel in order to find the best man-made flowers and their reliable providers. So our databases are the company proprietary information. If you were in business, would you be ready and eager to reveal and share the information that has taken years to compile, verify and update? Just because someone (often a present, or a wannabe competitor) would ask?

On the other hand, it would not make much business sense to us if our designers diverted their precious time (from creating pieces of bridal floral art in high demand) to re-packing and dispatching boxes with single stems/ branches of flowers, greenery and accessories. But there are other important reasons why we cannot offer any ultra realistic flowers from our stock in bulk, or in any quantities, especially when certain kinds may be no longer available, or in short supply.

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