Do Inexpensive Real Touch Flowers Exist?

As we outlined above, you would be hard pressed to purchase the kinds and selection of life like ‘silk’ flowers you see on this site at your local craft store. But you still may hope to buy some of them in bulk, individually/ by the stem, for a DIY project of making your own wedding floral arrangements. After all, others claimed to be succesful in their search.

A growing problem in the blogosphere is a misleading advice about where you can find/ purchase real touch flowers. The advice goes as follows: “Go to a craft store of chain X, Y or Z and you will find them there and, if you have a 40% or 50% off coupon you can buy them cheap/ at a discount”. So, acting on a recommendation of your peers (who base their opinion on a repeated ad nauseum advice of others, who are more often than not the industry shills themselves), in your search of highest quality but cheap artificial flowers you may visit one/ some of these stores.

You can assess some of them as “real enough” or “fairly real” but, not fully satisfied, you may still question: “Can these be undoubtedly considered as true real touch flowers?” “Are these the best fake flowers available?” The answer is a resounding: No! Would you really expect to find them there and be cheap, too? So let’s get back to the sources where you got your advice from and analyze their credibility.

How do you know if postings published on various bridal forums, recommending certain craft stores and online wholesalers to the public are really originating from brides-to-be, like you? How about the posters whose profiles reveal hardly any information beside their (bogus) wedding dates? How about those glowing reviews on popular wedding discussion boards telling you how fine flowers some places provide and how easily it was to make them into great looking bouquets, promising pictures that were never shown thereafter? Fake product and company reviews (along with bogus, bought ‘likes’ on Facebook and companies’ pages), planted by shills, are on a rise on the internet.

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