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You can easily shop for various real touch flower arrangements in our store online using more than one search method. We already discussed above the left navigation bar, with the links to product categories, displayed under ‘Catalog’ heading. In addition, all categories are also accessible here. But you may actually find it easier to browse through the Gallery Of Thumbnail Pictures, where each of our Catalog items is linked directly to a corresponding product page.

Real touch flowers Catalog design of calla lilies bride’s wedding bouquet and groom’s boutonniere in perspective viewThe main category of full size real touch bouquets will allow you to look for and buy your elaborate bride’s bouquet, or a set for just you and the groom. In the section of smaller bouquets you will be able to select best designs of fake wedding bouquets for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, or even choose one for yourself, If you do not have much time to take care for your bridal florals, you may consider buying one of beautiful artificial bouquets of real touch roses.

You may also enhance your and the girls’ in your bridal party look with high end hair wedding flowers & bridal fascinators If you want to wear an even more sophisticated and distinguished headpiece on your big day, one of our couture birdcage veils with hair fascinators may provide a perfect fit.

Our other expertly hand crafted ultra realistic arrangements of artificial wedding flowers are represented in boutonnieres, couture corsages, flower girl accessories and cake flowers.

You may also choose to decorate your home, office, or a special event with our ‘everlasting’ and real like modern flower centerpieces.

Background & Origin Of Various Names For Real Touch Flowers
Artificial real touch flowers in arrangements up close at a summer wedding in Alberta, Canad. A bride kissing a groom who wears a boutonniere is extending her bridal bouquet towards a camera. The know-how and synthetic materials to create faux flowers of such degree of botanical accuracy did not exist in the past, twentieth century. You may have not seen before floral arrangements for weddings made with top professional quality of permanent botanicals. Finally, the technology has perfected the making of man-made flowers very close to 100% of accuracy and of the most life like look. And the texture of the materials is such that when you touch petals, leaves and stems, you have a sensation of touching fresh flowers.

Other variatons of the term real touch flowers started appearing online about the end of 2008. We actually put this core name mainstream and were using it on our website years before anyone else started doing so elsewhere. Now you can read about fresh, true, soft, natural touch flowers on other florists’ and resellers’ sites. But please keep in mind that they are just commercial names of the highest quality, real like artificial flowers. No naming guidelines and standards exist – any factory, or an importer can call them at will. Therefore, any comparisons of one ‘kind’ to the other are not only fully misplaced, but also highly confusing. Especially, when they originate from the online florists with a relatively short term and limited exposure to various types of synthetic flowers that have ever been manufactured. And if you read somewhere about ‘specialty flowers’, they are either the high quality, common, but better looking silks, or made of various materials, like velvet or satin and other artificials.

Would you like to know more about modern fake flowers? Would you like to learn in detail about the differences in appearance and quality among them? Would you like to find out why faux flowers made from just latex, or polyurethane are not authentic real touch flowers but their knockoffs ? Get the facts from the most educational, packed with reliable and with kept up-to-date material since 2005 – read all you need to know about artificial flowers.

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