Quality Artificial Wedding Flowers In Arrangements Of Genuine Real Touch Flowers

Are you looking for the best and most realistic artificial wedding flowers available online? You are about to discover them here! We will create them for you with authentic real touch flowers. We were the original pioneers of using them in highest quality wedding flower arrangements. These man-made flowers look real and feel real.There is no water in them though, so they are not moist and are much lighter then fresh ones.

Our website displayed full creations with them at the time when you could find on the Net only rather plain, and far from life like looking silk wedding flowers. So, if you decide to commission very experienced, seasoned florists of Hibiscus Florals, you will buy for your special day made to order, high end faux flower arrangements. You may actually not realize and not believe, when visiting our online shop for the first time that you look at images of designs made with synthetic flowers. That’s right: you will not see here any fresh ones. And all photographs show compositions handcrafted exclusively in our studio. Pages of this site are ‘loaded’ with our customers’ large pictures of ‘flowers in action’ taken during their weddings. Real touch artificial wedding flowers in arrangements of bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere with a couple in the tropics of Turks & Caicos

Please note that some people may still call a broad range of fake bridal flowers, vastly ranging in quality: silk wedding flowers. Most commonly however, this last term invokes and suggests bridal florals that usually cheap and not of the best quality. The name is still deeply entrenched, though. And it may take a few more years to fade away (despite our earlier hopes). We therefore still sometimes use it, as well, but referring to artificial wedding flowers in general.

We divided our original and unique standard designs of fake flowers for weddings into separate product categories. They are clickable, or ‘tappable’ from the left menu. Each of the categories’ pages has its own online Catalog of linked individual items. If you like them as they are, you can purchase any of them directly, using our shopping cart system.

But we are very often commissioned to work on customized and custom artificial wedding flower arrangements. Furthermore, some of items we chose for our categories’ online Catalogs were originally first designed and made to order in our floral design studio as custom made pieces. If you want us to create these ‘perfect’ bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and other items of real like flowers just for you, in line with your own, individual style, please contact us. You will have them professionally designed and hand crafted in our shop. We will create them for you with the highest quality fake flowers that will be not only almost perfectly botanically correct in their smallest details and look extremely realistic, but will have a closely replicated real feel to the touch.

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