True Cost Of High Quality, Professionally Crafted Artificial Wedding Floral Arrangements

Closeup of botanically correct real touch artificial flowers arranged in bouquetYou can enjoy the look of selected state-of-the-art artificial bridal floral arrangements in brilliant designs and created with the highest craftsmanship in our online Catalog of our own, unique ‘standard’ designs. You can also see examples of our diverse clientele (with photographs of our both standard and custom work) at our Testimonials page and thus appreciate why we wish to ensure that our customers’ special days are as special as possible. Over the years, we invented, developed and perfected never existed before, proprietary assembly/arranging techniques (very different than for fresh cut flowers), applied only with the ultimate top quality real touch, Floramatique® and higher grades of traditional silk flowers. As a result (of the accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge of all kinds of fake flowers, floral materials and accessories, and long-term experience in the field of artificial floral artistry) we can offer you superior finished products, truly worthy of your special day.

All we know is that if you want your precious bride’s bouquet and your wedding party’s flowers be well-constructed, color- and flower-balanced, content-diverse and looking as aesthetically pleasing as ours, a great deal of talent/ creativity, floral expertise, experience and a fair amount of time to craft them are needed. All backed by the wide selection and plentiful stock of and an access to credible sources of the highest quality fake flowers, best ribbons, accessories and materials, of course. Would you expect high quality floral arrangements to be cheap, then?

Myths About DIY & Becoming/ Replacing A Wedding Florist In No Time
Well balanced artificial real touch flowers bouquet held by bride in front of her wedding dressSome brides-to-be want to learn how to make fake flower wedding bouquets. You may think that there is not much to it – just putting flowers together and tying ribbon around the stems :). That peculiar “method” may work if you decide to make yourself a simple bouquet by wrapping a dozen of roses together, or a plain centerpiece by sticking stems into a vase. The process of arranging wedding flowers is not that straightforward, though. Have you ever heard about wiring and stemming flowers before combining them in an arrangement? And this is just one of many specific techniques that should be applied.

Some florists, eager to re-sell you stems and forgetting that they should be paid for flower arranging, may tell you that it is not too difficult to make great designs once you have good quality artificial flowers. It’s hard to believe that they would undermine their own profession and putting themselves out of business with such offers and statements! Because, by saying that they create a false impression that about anyone can replace them. The same “opinion” is proliferated by paid shills for online resellers of artificial flowers in bulk to the public (and fresh ones for that matter) and for craft stores. No wonder two thirds (or more) flower shops in America went out of business during the last decade – the pressure from wannabe artificial florists (having no idea how to price their work to make a profit; hello Etsy!) and giving away the information by florists themselves did the trick.

Would you attempt to cut and style someone’s hair just because you have scissors and a comb? Floral design is a skilled profession. And like any skilled professionals, experienced florists who call themselves designers have a right to charge for their talent, skills, experience and labor, at fair market value. The cost of flowers and materials for your wedding floral arrangements is but one element of a finished product’s price. And if you are a ‘diva’, wanting a variety of (often rare and expensive, as seen often in bridal magazines) flowers in elaborate and time-consuming designs, do not expect that a florist would make your arrangements ‘on a cheap’.

Nevertheless, some of brides-to-be believe that they can rely on online tutorials or in-print instructions on how to make a bridal bouquet with faux flowers and easily create one themselves, or count on their ‘crafty’ relatives or friends to do so. That’s fine, but do not expect great results, as you may be easily disappointed by the final outcome if you choose a too ‘ambitious’, elaborate DIY project. If you are an ‘enterprising bride’ (hello Toronto!) we recommmend to stick to maximum 2 kinds of flowers for your DIY. Otherwise you may ‘trip’ yourself on countless hours of frustration and labor spent in the attempt to arrange them right.

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