What Kinds Of Silk Flowers Are Really Available In Craft Stores?

Let’s look closer at selection of man-made flowers available in “recommended” craft stores.

Almost all flowers you can see at craft store chains are still your traditional, basic ‘silks’, varying from 2 to 4 (rarely 5) quality grade. And although you can find in some of them a very limited choice (in kinds and colors) of permanent botanicals displayed as true or soft touch flowers, they are in fact mainly the cheaper versions and/ or second rate real touch flowers. You will see there predominantly real touch knockoffs, which are made with ordinary (industrial grade) soft or hard, either latex, rubber, vinyl or foam.

Craft store chains cater to the mass market, for DIY customers but not specializing in artificial flowers in particular, less in the top of the line permanent botanicals sought by high-end professional “silk” flower shops. So their prices also reflect the mass market needs. Nevertheless, you will find that better looking, more realistic silk flowers there are not cheap at all. Therefore, retail value of genuinely lifelike, authentic grade 6/ real touch ‘silk’ flowers would not fit well within these stores’ price structures and could be not perceived as ‘affordable’ by great majority of their customers.

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