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 Couture Birdcage Veils With Fine Hair Fascinators For Weddings & Special Occasions

A couture look of the French and Russian netting in birdcage veils had our designers fascinated and we have been working at developing this area for a while. We focused more on added fine, luxury flower accessories, or hair fascinators, combined with bird cages of high quality veil netting. We already have in our online Catalog a wide assortment of superb artificial real touch hair flowers on sturdy combs and clips, so we were able to adorn our quality French or Russian netting bird cage veils predominantly with fine hair fascinators, also hand made in our studio. With this approach we achieved desired styles and patterns of these exciting couture, designer headpieces. And we decided to keep it simple: with the one size fits all bird cage veils.

Our aim has been to introduce an element of fun and playfulness with our new collection of chic birdcage veils with fower and/or feather hair fascinators. After all, if we allow this to get too serious, we can take away some of joy from creating that stylish birdcage veil for your wedding, or a special occasion.

Ever since these elegant netting veils made a comeback in recent movies like, "Sweet Home Alabama" where Reese Witherspoon's character wore one at a wedding scene, it changed the look of modern bridal headpieces, making the presence of birdcage veils at weddings in vogue, again.

Top Qualty Birdcage Veils With Authentic French & Russian Netting

Loose set high quality French netting birdcage veil worn by a modelMost of our veils are created from the best French netting fabric available. This high quality fabric is still manufactured in France and its edges are softer on the skin than the one(s) of harder texture. We also use stiffer (less flexible to bend) and less expensive Russian netting fabric that is now manufactured in Taiwan.

But beware of cheap birdcage veils you can buy at different marketplaces and auction sites! They are usually made with counterfeit  French or Russian netting. They poorly imitate the intricate and precise pattern of the original and authentic garment. No wonder the 'designers' of these cheap bird cage veils cannot tell the difference between the Russian and French netting (as they never saw and worked with quality ones). Also, what is more important, their veiling fabric is pretty hard to the touch and very inflexible when bent.

Therefore, no matter what you do to position one of those bargain birdcage veils over your face and on your head, it will never sit and form 'right' and may even scratch and irritate your skin.

You will find that all of our fashionable new designs consist of one-piece netting veils with 2 or 3 durable metal combs for a secure attachment to your hair. These couture birdcage veils in various styles and with different kinds of fascinators were tested with diverse hair types and textures and we designed them to stay firmly in all, but extremely short hair.

If you use hair products to give you a very straight and shiny look, we recommend reinforcing metal combs with plain hair pins for a tighter hold to your hair.

This section of our online Catalog shows striking birdcage veil styles with not only ivory and white netting fabrics, but with the colorful and seductive ones as well. Moreover, some of them have hair fascinators of pretty elaborate, stylish designs with pearls and Swarovski crystal embellishments, perfectly suitable for brides. Imagine wearing a mysterious black birdcage veil with French or Russian netting and flashy feathers when doing your boudoir photo shoot. Oooh la, la, mademoiselle!

Antique French veiling and some English netting styles are also available but you need to contact us if requesting specialty patterns or designs.


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Black birdcage veil with purple pansies and feathers Black Net Blusher With White Anemone Flower Clip Blue Birdcage Veil with Fascinator of Blue Anemone and Peackock Pink Birdcage Veil with Fascinator of Faux Flowers & Feathers
White Birdcage Veil with Hair Fascinator of White Dendrobiums White Birdcage Veil with Fascinator of Phalaenopsis Orchid White Birdcage Veil with Fascinator of Large White Spider Mum White Birdcage Veil with White Hair Flower Fascinator
White Birdcage Veil with Fascinator of White Orchids & Feathers