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Smaller Real Touch Artificial Bridal Bouquets For Bridesmaids, Maids Of Honor & Brides

You will admire here cute and very elegant smaller artificial bridal bouquets, designed with the finest real touch flowers. They are scaled down versus their larger counterparts - in size, or with a lesser flower varieties and content. Original design patterns of these stylish, lifelike fake flower bouquets are intended primarily for bridesmaids and maids of honor in your bridal party. However, if you are a bride with a smaller body frame yourself, or your floral budget is more moderate, a bouquet of this kind may be just perfect for you to order.

Maid of honor and bridesmaids bouquets are often smaller, less intricate versions of the bride's bouquet. But it is not a rigid rule. They may have their own styles and even different flowers but preferrably should fit in into the overall color scheme and the event theme..

Features Of Our Smaller Bride's & Bridesmaids' Fake Flower Bouquets

Maid of honor with her custom artificial real touch bouquet against her pink dressWe design and handcraft our stylish, smaller, real feel fake flower bridal bouquets with the same meticulous attention to detail as with our full-fledged and more elaborate wedding bouquets . We adorn many of them with chic vintage brooches and other modern 'bling', like quality crystals. And we use the same high quality ribbons and materials, combined with the similar, top quality, ultra realistic artificial, grade 6/ real touch flowers.

  • You will notice, while looking at enlarged photos that we do not 'skimp' on the number of flowers and do not make these smaller artificial flower wedding bouquets appear larger than they really are. Their diameters range from 8 to 10 inches. Our measurements are true-to-life and in many instances we state the number of flowers in their product descriptions.
  • When you purchase from us any bouquet of the very best, real touch 'silk' flowers, you will receive a trendsetting  and coveted Hibiscus Florals design that you and your bridal party will enjoy on your special day and for many years to come!
  • Real touch artificial flower bridal bouquets can be unusual gifts for the girls in your bridal party. They can be easily converted into permanent table centerpieces by placing them in tasteful glass or ceramic vessels.
  • If you are looking to buy a larger and more intricate bouquet for yourself and you have a larger floral budget, please view various designs of full size wedding bouquets .
  • We do not customize any of real touch fake flower bridal bouquets in this section. You can ask though for a different ribbon color. Please contact us at the time of your order to do so.


 Photos Of Our Smaller Artificial Bridal Bouquets At Real Weddings (Full Size Bride Bouquets Are Also Shown)

Two junior bridesmaids and bride with their custom real touch silk bouquets under a pier on the beach
Bridesmaid's, maid of honor's and bride's artificial real touch bouquets thrown in the air
 Maid of honor and bride with real touch bridal bouquets at photoshoot after wedding, in Florida
Bride and bridesmaids holding matching real touch artificial bridal bouquets on St Thomas beach
If you would like a special, custom design inspired by any of the smaller artificial flower bouquets for weddings in this section, you are welcome to contact us.


Catalog Of Bouquet Designs For The Wedding Party & Smaller Brides

Completion and Shipping Estimate
Anthurium & Mango Calla Lily Bridesmaid's Arm Bouquet Blue Anemones & Spring Flowers Wedding Bouquet Blue Hydrangeas & White Gerberas Bridal Bouquet Bridal Bouquet Of Coral & Cream Roses
Bridal Bouquet Of Coral Hibiscus & Green Cymbidium Orchids Wedding Bouquet Of Fuchsia & White Dahlias Bouquet Of Lavender Calla lilies & Purple Dendrobium Orchids
Bridesmaid Bouquet Of Orange & Yellow Gerberas Bridesmaid's Bouquet Of Orange Tiger Lilies & Gerbera Daisies Pink Dahlias & Roses Bridesmaid Bouquet
Pink & Green Roses Bouquet Pink Cymbidium Orchids & Peonies Bouquet Bouquet with Purple Pansies, Dendrobium Orchids & Yellow Roses Red Roses & Pink Peonies Wedding Bouquet
Spring Bridesmaid's Bouquet Of Green Orchids & Fuchsia Peonies Roses & Yellow Small Calla Lilies Bridesmaid-Bouquet Maid Of Honor's Bouquet Of Yellow & Cream Roses