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Best Artificial Wedding Hair Flowers, Hair Fascinators & Non Bridal Flowers For Hair - Top Quality, Designer Flower Hair Accessories, Handmade By Hibiscus Florals

Bridal fascinator with a white flower, feathers and crystals in model's hairChoose from a great variety of the upscale, highest quality, designer flower hair accessories, with the extremely realistic and of the real feel to the touch faux flowers. Available in this product category are the best, often jeweled and feathered, wedding hair flowers, hair fascinators and, suitable also for other occasions, non bridal flowers for hair.

These trendy, high end hair flowers you can buy online are designed and created in our studio. We do not acquire premade somewhere else flower hair pieces and pass them as our own! Therefore, any of our real touch 'silk' hair flowers, including frequently looked for, chic flower and feather hair clips, will be handmade to your order. We will complete your order, usually within less than two weeks after your purchase, according to a particular, original design pattern you will select from the online Catalog.

Scroll down the page to shop in our online Catalog. You will see there a gallery of thumbnail pictures presenting our designs of hair accessories. You can open a separate product page for each of the displayed hair flower pieces either through its image, or a title link, You will see then a selected item's detailed description, more and high resolution photographs you can zoom in, a price and a 'Buy It Now' button at the bottom.

So you will be able to order a luxury bridal hair flower, hair fascinator, or another modern hair flower accessory online, directly via our shopping cart system. Costs of packing, shipping and handling for various countries are programmed within. Considering that we offer expertly handcrafted flower clips for your hair of the highest, not easily matched elsewhere, designer quality, you will find our prices very affordable.

We have been shipping a wide range of beautifully finished, best flowers for hair worldwide for years, adorning literally thousands of brides and bridesmaids, and of women at special events and both formal and informal occasions.


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High End Flower Hair Clips with Artificial, Authentic Real Touch Flowers

Orange tiger lily real touch hair flower piece in bride's hairAll our unique, upscale hair flower accessories are individually created in our studio with the ultimate highest quality, grade 6/ real touch 'silk' flowers (also sometimes called fresh, soft, true or natural  touch).

We often put a word silk in quotes because this term, used as an adjective in referrence to flowers and floral arrangements, still generally means the same as artificial. As of the present, it is retained in popular perception as such, but not particularly associated with the silk organic material the synthetic flowers were predominantly made of in the past.

When you wear one of our real like artificial flowers in hair people will want to examine closely, not believing that the bloom is fake! None of the popular but very common fabric or crochet flower hair clips can ever resemble so accurately the fresh flower hair piece, as a well designed and precisely made real touch hair flower.

We have been designing and creating flower hair accessories since 2004. Nevertheless, you will not see here craft or department stores' quality silk flowers just glued to plain bobby or hair pins, or flimsy plastic combs! No fake looking, with fraying edges, made with cotton/ polyester blends (what passes as silk flowers), or stiff and rigid rubber, latex, or vinyl 'real touch knockoffs', either! We offer you enduring quality and masterful design in truly the best flower clips for your hair, handcrafted by our talented and experienced designers. 

Top quality faux flowers we work with imitate Nature to very intricate details, down to the sensation of touching fresh petal surfaces and of bending abilties of petals and stamens, similar to fresh cut flowers. For wedding hair accessories, flowers of these life like features are the best choice.

We apply the same attention to other materials we use to make our flower hair clips. Moreover, we also often enhance and modify, already ultra realistic fake flowers by repositioning and/or adding petals, refining their construction, etc., in order to bring out their best, natural look. Just enlarge any picture of 'silk' real touch hair flowers shown in this section and you will notice their true botanical accuracy.

Bridal Flower Hair Accessories Of The Best Quality You Deserve

Gina with Mike in a car on their wedding day. Gina is wearing the upscale, artificial real touch cymbidium orchid hair flowerBest materials and highly developed craftsmanship skills are the neccessary ingredients for making impressive looking personal items for weddings. The same underlying set of principles applies to creating best flower bridal hair accessories. We control all phases of the design and production process of them in our studio. Therefore, all our flower hair pieces are made to last, complying with Hibiscus Florals high quality standards for finished items.

Yes, you can certainly buy online the other, often inexpensive silk flower hair accessories. They may even look good in low resolution, or small photographs, where details are difficult to discern and the quality (or a lack thereof) cannot be examined. But you can be sure that the low-priced ones will look cheap in reality. Imagine the overall visual effect, wearing one of these and contrasting your expensive wedding attire. That would certainly spoil, instead of complementing your look.

Online marketplaces abound with these cheap, lace and organza, or crochet and fabric flower hair clips, fully assembled in factories overseas. We do not state that all similar kinds of items are of low quality but, participating in and observing the wedding market for a decade, we know that lots of products offered online do not fulfill the expectations of a buyer.

Many of these silk flower hair accessories, beside the appearance of really low budget items, are so poorly constructed that they may fall apart even during the first, or just after one use. You would not want this happen to your own bridal hair flower, or a hair fascinator on your wedding day, would you? Wouldn't you rather spend money on a sturdy and durable, high end hair flower clip from a reputable, experienced design studio and have a peace of mind that you purchased something of a quality and lasting value? Experience the difference of Hibiscus Florals' designs, especially of the flower hair accessories for weddings.


Order your hair accessory today - to receive it before May 30, 2015!

If you encounter a problem during your direct shopping cart online purchase, we will automatically receive a copy of your failed transaction in our inbox. In such a case we will promptly email you, instead a PayPal Invoice for your order (PayPal is our secondary, very user-friendly payment processor).


 Why Are Artificial Wedding Hair Flowers The Better Choice?

Allison with pair or white real touch dendrobium orchids hair flowers in White Plains, New YorkFresh cut or faux flowers worn in hair by you and female members of the bridal party can be a stylish enhancement of your wedding day. But the imitation, artificial flowers for hair have certain advantages that real hair flowers cannot provide:

  • If you wear fresh cut flowers on your head (especially larger ones) for a prolonged period of time, you will develop that uncomfortable "pull" sensation; they tend to become quite heavy.
  • Synthetic hair flowers are significantly lighter than their "real" counterparts. As a matter of fact, fake flowers for hair are so comfortable to wear that you will forget you have them on, even on your very long wedding day!
  • With artificial wedding hair flowers you do not have to restrict yourself to smaller arrangements or single buds, because their weight is not a hindering factor.
  • Will real flowers last all day in your hair? It is very unlikely, as there are too many detrimental factors affecting their longevity. On the other hand, hair flowers for brides and bridesmaids, with 'silk' flowers of the best, real touch quality will always stay in a picture-perfect condition, regardless of temperature, humidity levels and their variations. That is why they can make ideal beach wedding flower hair accessories. But it does not have to be a setting of a destination wedding in a hot climate zone. Do you know that just fresh flowers' exposure to your body heat will dramatically shorten their lifespan? The same precaution applies to corsages and boutonnieres made out of 'live' flowers.
  • You may not wear some delicate and frail fresh flowers in your hair at all because they cannot withstand body and head movements. You are not limited just to stronger and sturdier ones with your artificial flower hair pieces, particularly at your wedding.
  • But remember that no crochet, or a fabric flower hair clip will ever look as lifelike as a quality real touch hair flower. 

When And How To Wear Various Flowers For Hair?

Bride wearing our luxury bridal fascinator in hair, designed with white and blue real touch flowers and crystals at her weddingWearing visually appealing, whether faux or fresh flowers in hair has become very fashionable. A luxurious bridal hair flower clip for your hair can definitely add that important element of elegance, color and beauty to your ceremony, photography session and reception. White, ivory and cream are the most popular and most often chosen colors of hair flowers for a wedding. But it does not mean that you should consider only the aformentioned colors when shopping for your special day's flower hair accessory. Depending on a location and character of your event, a red, orange, yellow, or green bridal hair flower may often look more 'in place' than the one in white, or in the white color derivative.

But you can wear flowers in hair not only on your wedding day. You can complete, or brighten your look with never wilting faux flowers for hair at parties, functions, family gatherings, at work, or at any special event you may choose to attend.

Sizes, forms and shapes of flowers for hair vary. Depending on these, we couple them with different attachments. Please note however, that flower hair accessories of all kinds are nowadays called frequently flower hair clips, although they have various types of fasteners. After all, it is much easier to spell and pronounce 'clip' than a more complex, borrowed from French, three-syllable word 'accessory'. So we also use here this more popular term in a few variations, essentially of the same meaning. Nevertheless, we will explain further the differences and features of the clip, comb and pin attachments for hairpieces.

We often accessorize a variety of flower clips for your hair with the 'bling' elements. We choose and combine them very carefully, in order to suit the accessories' shapes, sizes and styles. Therefore, you will find many of our designs, though predominantly bridal hair flowers and fascinators, adorned with genuine Swarovski or Austrian crystals, faux pearls, rhinestones, semi-precious stones and feathers. And this brings us to a question: White tiffany real touch rose wedding hair flower adorning bride's headWhat is then the difference between a hair fascinator and a hair flower for a wedding?

Hair fascinators are usually more complex in their construction and feature a more elaborate mix of flowers and embellishments than wedding hair flowers. Therefore, if you opt for a sophisticated, more ornate and 'attention grabbing' look on your big day, choose a fancy fascinator over a less intricate hair flower. Think about it as a fine, contemporary, non-traditional headwear, a crossover between a hat and a hair accessory.

In the image above you can admire the look of our stunning Catalog design of Blue & White Hair Fascinator , 'cascading down' in the bride's hair at her wedding in Hawaii. And in the photo to your right you can compare it to a very classy in its simple elegance white real touch garden rose bridal hair flower with a rhinestone center. The bride wore it on her wedding day in Mexico.

You may actually want to aim at an even more sophisticated look on your special day by coupling one of our wedding flower hair pieces with a bird cage veil. If you plan doing so, visit the part of our site that covers both product categories. The page of hair fascinators with birdcage veils shows some very inspiring and great looking designs. But it is not a problem if you already bought your plain cage veil, You may still choose one of our stylish, best flower hair pieces, available for purchase in the Catalog below. And you will add it as your perfect birdcage veil fascinator.

Nonetheless, if you are unsure what kind of a hair accessory flower is the best fit for your hairstyle, dress and the character of your event, you are welcome to seek our advice. And we will be happy to assist you with your selection. We may suggest either one of our Catalog pieces, or propose to design a custom one for you.

Because of such a broad selection, you may even want to start a collection of your flowers for the hair, to match them with clothes, shoes, seasons and locations.

 What Are Types Of Attachments To Secure Flowers In Hair?

We always strive to provide the best on the market, most reliable fasteners for our flower and feather hair accessories. As a result, we phased out metal pins as couplings for our headpieces completely already in 2008, in favor of metal Red Feathers Hair Fascinator On Modelcombs and alligator hair clips.  They prove to be much more secure hair fasteners than pins and we find them much more versatile for various hair styles.

In general, hair accessories have last segments of their generic and more specific names derived from hair fasteners they are coupled with, or they are parts of. Hence, flowers for hair, depending on their corresponding hair attachments are called either flower hair clips, or flower hair combs. And, using the same analogy, feather hair pieces mounted with clips are usually known as feather hair clips, or, parallely, if with combs: feather hair combs.

Special metal hair pins to hold flowers in hair were great in the past but we since conducted our own tests with better, in our initial opinion, hair couplings than flower hair pins. And our customers from all over the world provided us, over the years, with vast user experience feedback, helping us to create "better mouse traps".

Currently a lot of our high quality, upscale headpieces are combined with very reliable as attachments, intricate metal hair combs in different sizes.

We judge all types of plastic combs (acrylic and vinyl) which we thorougly tested, too light and too fragile (breaking easily) to ever have hair flowers set on them. Moreover, plastic combs as the fasteners of flowers in hair look plain and cheap. And forget all kinds of standard bobby and hair pins - they are designed to hold your hair but not to support a complete floral headpiece with a weight of a flower added!

Bride wearing our white triple orchid hair flower is embraced by groom in background of the ocean For larger individual flowers for the hair and for most double and triple bridal hair flowers we prefer to utilize metal alligator clips providing an excellent, steady grip, or hair barrettes with sure and precise snap-on and -off mechanisms. We have them in various lengths. Expertly coupled attachments assure that our flower hair pieces will stay securely and firmly set in your hair. And unlike some cheap, poor quality hair flower clips, pins and combs (you can find on auction boards and many websites) they will last, not falling apart, or falling off your hair.

Please Note: If you order from us any bridal, or a special event feather and/or hair flower accessory with a standard or a requested attachment and upon receiving an item you will realize that it is not suitable for your hair style/ texture and/or length, or it does not match/ complement the color of your dress/ gown, we are not responsible for your own purchasing judgment. Therefore, we will not accept your request for a replacement/ return.


Contact us if you shop for and want us to create your spectacular custom flower hair piece, designed just for you.

Catalog To Order Online

In the Catalog below we assembled a broad assortment of attractive designs of the best flowers for hair on clips and combs. Therefore, you will easily select and purchase here either your alluring wedding hair flower, an elegant, fancy bridal hair fascinator with flowers, feathers and jewels, or one of the other enticing flower and feather hair clips. Order one or more now - to enliven that special, or a simply ‘down to earth’ occasion.

Completion and Shipping Estimate
Hairpiece with fuchsia roses & blue delphiniums Blue Hydrangeas & White Dendrobium Orchids Hair Fascinator Blue Anemone Real Touch Hair Flower
Blue Vanda Orchid Real Touch Flower Hair Piece White Hair Clip Of Small Calla Lily & French Netting Hair Comb of White Dendrobium Orchids, Feathers & Jewels Pair Of Jeweled Small White Calla Lilies Hair Flowers
Pair Of White Dendrobium Orchid Hair Flowers Hair Accessory Of White Small Calla Lily & 3 Dendrobium Orchids Light Green Spider Mum Hair Flower Accessory Pink Tiffany Rose Hair Flower
Celedon Green Tiffany Rose Hair Flower Clip Coral Gerbera Daisy Hair Comb Coral Pink Double Plumeria Hair Flower with Jeweled Centers
Coral Pink Camellia Hair Flower Accessory Coral pink Plumeria on Pink Crystal Headband Creamy Blush Rose Hair Flower Accessory Dark Red Dahlia Hair Flower Comb
Double Cymbidium Orchid Hair Flower Two White Small Phalaenopsis Orchids On Clear Crystal Headband Yellow Double Cymbidium Orchid Hair Flower White Feather Hair Fascinator with Jewels
Black & Purple Feathers Hair Fascinator Fuchsia & White Real Touch Dahlia Hair Flower Large Fuchsia Peony Hair Flower Comb Fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid Hair Flower
Green Real Touch Cymbidium Orchid Hair Flower Hot Pink Lily & Feathers Hair Fascinator Hot Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid Hair Comb Triple Hot Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid Hair Flower Clip
Hot Pink Real Touch Wild Rose Hair Flower Comb Ivory Camellia Real Touch Bridal Hair Flower Ivory Double Plumeria With Jeweled Centers Hair Comb Ivory Camellia Wedding Hair Fascinator
Ivory Dahlia Wedding Hair Flower Large Creamy Blush Pink Dahlia Hair Flower White Real Touch Spider Mum Flower Hair Fascinator
Light Pink Dahlia with Jewels Hair Flower Matte White Dahlia Hair Flower with Brooch Center Orange Real Touch Dahlia Hair Flower Orange Gerbera Hair Flower Comb
Orange Spider Mum Hair Flower Accessory Orange Tiffany Rose Hair Flower Clip Pair Of Fuchsia Dendrobium Orchids Hair Flowers
Pair Of Ivory Mini Wild Roses Wedding Hair Flowers Pair Of Lavender Dendrobium Orchids Hair Flowers Pair Of Small Ivory Roses With Jewels Hair Flowers Palm Beach Coral Rose Hair Flower
Pink Asiatic Lily Hair Flower Pink Cymbidium Orchid Hair Flower Pink Dahlia Real Touch Wedding Hair Flower Pink Peony Hair Flower Accessory
Purple Feather Hair Fascinator with Crystals Red Feathers Hair Fascinator Red Real Touch Cymbidium Orchid Hair Flower
Red Real Touch Berbera Hair Flower Comb Red Tiffany Rose Hair Flower Rusty Orange Cymbidium Orchid Hair Flower Soft Pink Rose Hair Flower Comb
Triple Mauve Dendrobium Orchids Hair Flower Comb White Triple Phalaenopsis Orchid Hair Fascinator Veiny Green Phalaenopsis Orchid With Peacock Feathers Hair Flowe White & Blush Pink Real Touch Phalaenopsis Hair Flower
White Amaryllis Wedding Hair Flower White Anemone Wedding Hair Flower
White Hair Fascinator With Feathers White Spider Mum Hair Fascinator with Blue Crystals White Tiffany Rose Real Touch Hair Flower White Single Real Touch Phalaenopsis Orchid Hair Flower Comb
White Hair Piece Of Small Calla & Dendrobium Orchid White Triple Dendrobium Orchid Hair Flower Wine Phalaenopsis Orchid Hair Flower Comb
Yellow Ceylon Real Touch Rose Hair Flower Comb Yellow Cymbidium Orchid Hair Flower Yellow Dahlia Real Touch Hair Flower Yellow Gerbera Daisy Real Touch Hair Flower
Yellow Real Touch Spider Mum Hair Flower